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About Bangalore Genesis Hospital, Administrators and Doctors

American Hospital has been focused on providing the best, safest, and most experienced care since 1981. We have highly trained, experienced, and qualified doctors and nurses from the best universities in the world. This team helps to ensure that each liposuction treatment in Bangalore is quick, efficient, and safe. It’s a process to look your best, and we are positioned best to offer the type of care and service you deserve.

We are positioned to offer the best care and support from the moment you contact us to inquire about liposuction to the months after your first procedure. We answer questions, address concerns, and do everything in our power to ensure you are completely satisfied from start to finish.


Our doctors are trained in the U.S., U.K., and Germany and have more than 20 years of direct experience within the field. Liposuction surgery has gained in popularity through the years and we have stayed on top of the best practices, procedures, and technologies. Our surgeons are trained in a wide range of liposuction techniques, including laser liposuction.

Our liposuction surgeons in Bangalore have performed thousands of procedures successfully, without any complications. They are also all highly personable and willing to answer the most important questions you have about the process.


No other medical facility throughout Bangalore has more experienced and dedicated nurses than American Hospital. Our nurses come from a strong medical background, having studied and trained at the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world. They also gain valuable experience before coming to work for us.

We have built nursing stations strategically throughout the hospital and this means you will enjoy rapid response times when you have questions, concerns, or need to speak to someone before or after your liposuction procedure.


Running a hospital in today’s environment is no small task. It often requires countless hours of dedication, and while a lot goes into running a hospital, our administrators are fully receptive to our patients and want to be there for them every step of the way.

Each administrator is actively involved in the process and is focused on offering the best care and support when a person comes in for liposuction. Compared to other hospitals in the area or throughout the country, no other one can match our administrators’ dedication to quality care, support, and service.

Our administrators make themselves available to speak to whenever you have a question, comment, or concern about liposuction or any other procedure.


It’s not just local men and women who call on the services American Hospital has to offer. Many international patients flock here every year because they know the value of quality care and support. They know about our doctors and nurses, the experience they have, and our administrators’ dedication to service and support.

When looking into the cost of laser liposuction, or any other liposuction treatment option, you won’t find a better hospital than American Hospital.

American Hospital is a prime destination for international patients seeking liposuction surgery in Bangalore. It’s not always easy seeking medical care for emergencies or planned operations in a foreign country and our team of administrators, doctors, and nurses are highly experienced in helping international patients obtain the level of care and support they need and deserve.

To find out the liposuction operation cost in Bangalore, there is no better destination than American Hospital. Whether you live in the Bangalore area of anywhere else in India or are visiting/working/staying in India for an extended time and are considering liposuction surgery in Bangalore, we’d love to talk to you and highlight the great choice you’d make in choosing us.